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Goose-bumps rise all over your body, your heart pounds with the excitement, your eyes widen in awe and amazement, you feel humble and small – yet privileged that, like this whale, you are a part of something remarkable and important. You are a living creature on this wonderful planet – and being alive is a joy!

Invite the grandchildren for sleepovers. I will have one or sometimes two at a time and plan on doing something special. If it’s around Christmas we have made gingerbread houses, done baking or made a Christmas craft all of which they can take home with them. If the weather is nice we will plan on an outdoor adventure like going to the duck pond with lots of birdseed, going to a local park to explore or in really nice weather, going to a water park. The ten year old grandchild and I once spent several weeks working on a puppet show by preparing a set and making the puppets by using apple heads. I wrote the play and at one of the family functions we presented it to the entire family.

Minke Whales are smaller and often overlooked, but are quite abundant. Minke whales range from 15 to 30 feet long, and can weigh six to eight tons. Minke whales have no teeth, but, instead, a unique food-filtering jaw. Minkes are dark gray above, and light gray below, may have stripes behind the flippers on top, and on each flipper is a characteristic white band. Minke whales like to face the boats with their pointed snouts out of the water.

For those who love whales, stop at Hermanus to watch them. It is a land based place. Oudtshoorn is the world’s ostrich capital in the world. To see an ostrich race, go to cango caves. Port Elizabeth is made interesting by the fact that the political icon nelson Mandela was born here. The region also has some of the most beautiful beaches.

The most popular whale to be seen from Hermanus is the Southern right whale, given its name while still hunted as it was the “right” whale to hunt. Reason for this being that the whales float when dead, instead of drowning. They also have a large amount of oil (also known as blubber) and baleen.

You love shopping. I’ve already mentioned the gift shop at the Jekyll Island History Center. There’s also a bookstore in the old infirmary for the Jekyll Island club, which also features New Age music and toiletries. If you are male, you may also have the opportunity to be touched and talked to by the resident, very flirtatious ghost on the upper floor. If you, like me, are fond of tacky, touristy shopping for t-shirts, snow globes, shell necklaces and the like, then The Village at St. Simon’s Pier will fill your every cheap trinket-shopping dream.

Prague: You definitely have heard about this one. In case you have not why not go and rent Triple X to get a better idea. It is a beautiful city and has a collection of clubs and bars that you will never find in the UK.